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What is the meaning of atrocity in Hindi?

Meaning of atrocity in Hindi is : महापाप

Definition of word atrocity

  •  The quality or state of being atrocious; enormous wickedness; extreme criminality or cruelty. (noun)
    अत्याचारी होने की अवस्था या भाव; भारी दुष्टता; अत्यधिक अपराध या क्रूरता।

Examples of word atrocity

  • He brought up what he called an atrocity: the case of Isa Mohammed Ali, 71, who he said died after suffocating on tear gas.
  • Just an observation – I notice the VDT is busy, but will not show his/her face to defend this latest atrocity from the right.
  • His transformation, his finding himself, after witnessing a horrible atrocity, is a miracle.
  • And any protest against an atrocity is a sign of an active, thinking society, which is important, and in a democracy like India even more so.
  • The latest Borders atrocity is actually only the next logical step in a sorry progression that began when publishers started allowing the marketing department to tell editorial which books they could sell to the bookstores.
  • It would indeed be a sad state of affairs if we have been censored like that, but then no atrocity is a surprise these days.
  • People please flood our government with calls and letters that this atrocity is unacceptable.
  • The road to disgraces like the Duke atrocity is short and direct.