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What is the meaning of atrocious in Hindi?

Meaning of atrocious in Hindi is : भीषण

Definition of word atrocious

  • frightful, evil, cruel or monstrous (adjective)

Examples of word atrocious

  • 'On my life, Stanley, I'll acquaint Mr. Wylder this evening with what you meditate, and the atrocious liberty you presume -- yes, Sir, though you are my brother, the _atrocious liberty_ you dare to take with my name -- unless you promise, upon your honour, now and here, to dismiss for ever the odious and utterly resultless scheme.'
  • During the campaign it was revealed that Whitman herself had not voted for 28 years, a record she described as "atrocious" and had ruthlessly dumped her longtime housekeeper when it emerged she was an illegal alien - and consequently a political liability.
  • They were both dressed in atrocious outfits, and one-time ANTM catchphrase photog Gilles Bensimon notched nearly 30 seconds of screen time.
  • I lighted up my pipe and waited, and the story that Oti told me in atrocious bech-de-mer I here turn into proper English.
  • "Nothing short of atrocious" is such an exaggeration.
  • Saloniki & joined other POW's in atrocious conditions, & after some time there, we were loaded into cattle trucks, 40 to a truck.
  • Given that I usually only take transit in atrocious weather, I'll be very happy to transfer to the SkyTrain part way to work and avoid the extra five blocks walk from the bus stop down a treacherous icy hill.
  • While the cuotas from Puebla to Veracruz State and on the La Venita-Tuxtla cutoff are in atrocious condition in places, the roads in Chiapas are really excellent even in many parts of the outback.