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What is the meaning of assure in Hindi?

Meaning of assure in Hindi is : सुनिश्चित करना

Definition of word assure

  • To make sure and secure. (verb)
    सुनिश्चित और सुरक्षित करने के लिए।

Examples of word assure

  • For example, if a motive for anti-zionism is “a similarly tribalistic concern for the welfare of the Palestinians, as Palestinians”, but oppose a two state solution where Jews may maintain assure welfare by similar means, then they are giving rights to one for the express concern of giving it to another.
  • Washington says it will need more personnel and a bigger embassy to supervise the distribution of the increased aid to Pakistan, and more mercenaries (aka "contractors") to protect them and assure "stability" - a code word for the Pax Americana.
  • The his war turned out to be based on fraud in its inception and incompetency in its prosecution, and Bush supporters turned their attention back to the economy which, they assure, is in rapid recovery.
  • Shakspeare's day and that of our own, I call assure him that I am not quite so ignorant of the fact as he imagines.
  • May I again assure you how deeply grateful I am to you for having given me the opportunity of coming amongst you today.
  • To do so, it needs to brand it's top teams as the leaders - and the calls assure that success.