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What is the meaning of assigned in Hindi?

Meaning of assigned in Hindi is : सौपा गया

Definition of word assigned

  • Simple past tense and past participle of assign. (verb)

Examples of word assigned

  • The apartments are described as mostly "Class B," a designation assigned to older properties.
  • Some of this scuttlebutt would have my name assigned to a mission.
  • Even the name assigned to that astounding venture was still among the most closely guarded Federation secrets, and with good reason.
  • Prof. DYSON: Well, hip-hop is the term assigned to rap music -- not only rap music, but the larger culture out of which rap music issues.
  • The word “angel,” of course, is the generic name for all members of the heavenly host, as well as the name assigned to the lowest rank in the descending scale of spiritual creatures.