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What is the meaning of assemble in Hindi?

Meaning of assemble in Hindi is : सम्मिलित होना

Definition of word assemble

  • To put together. (verb)
    एक साथ रखने के लिए।

Examples of word assemble

  • "However, in either case the right to assemble is being restricted."
  • The right to freely assemble is central to the genius of our democracy.
  • The astronauts and mechanical arms can certain assemble a small SEP and put the payload aboard.
  • The original concerns were raised by theorists on a "non-zero" possibility that something like a strangelet could assemble from a quark-gluon plasma.
  • You can go back decades and pick whatever government action you want in demonstrating that the "people's right to peaceably assemble" is open to, uh, varying degrees of interpretation before the guys with guns on the public payroll let loose.
  • Luckily, this was an easy supper to assemble from the pantry and in-house leftovers.