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What is the meaning of asportation in Hindi?

Meaning of asportation in Hindi is :

Definition of word asportation

  • The felonious movement of goods (noun)
    माल की भयंकर आवाजाही

Examples of word asportation

  • That ` s called asportation, and that ` s what we have here, right, Greg Skordas?
  • I think it's more properly what's called if you believe that's what happened, it's a false imprisonment, where you've said I've got you here, because kidnapping generally requires some movement, that you've got to -- "asportation" is the legal term.
  • GRACE: In kidnapping, there has to be an element called "asportation," which is movement, like I put you in my car and drive you away, or it could be as simply as a few inches of forced movement.
  • In DC, for example, asportation is not a requierd element of kidnapping.
  • It ` s my understanding, and I ` ve got the Nevada statute right here, kidnapping does include carrying away a person, but that would include even the smallest asportation of pushing them up against a wall.
  • Why is it that the father and the mother are not charged with kidnapping, in that they forced the child, they moved him, that ` s asportation (ph) under kidnapping, and forced him into this little dog cage?
  • GRACE: And you know that under kidnapping, you can move someone an inch and that qualifies under asportation.
  • And then you ` ve got -- a capital case is going to where you ` ve got a child, kidnapping, asportation (ph) of the body ...
  • Indeed, short of getting it upon a trolley or taking 'the steering' down, its asportation could not be compassed.
  • The theft of slaves is a crime; they are a subject-matter of felonious asportation.