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What is the meaning of askant in Hindi?

Meaning of askant in Hindi is :

Definition of word askant

  • Aslant, or sloping. (adjective)
  • Aslant, or askance, or sideways (adverb)

Examples of word askant

    • At all the more public pumps there is much cooling of bare feet, together with much bubbling and gurgling of drinking with hand to spout on the part of these Bedouins; the Cloisterham police meanwhile looking askant from their beats with suspicion, and manifest impatience that the intruders should depart from within the civic bounds, and once more fry themselves on the simmering high – roads.
    • After a few more puffs at his pipe, the trooper looks down askant at the little man, and the little man winks up at the trooper.
    • ‘Forty – two,’ replied the driver, eyeing him askant.
    • STORY replied, "Of course they all reject you," STORY looked at TRUTH, eyes a bit askant.
    • His body stretched, it strained upward and askant in a little epiphany of bright expectation.
    • The ass stopped munching, and looked askant at the Squire.