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What is the meaning of ascribed in Hindi?

Meaning of ascribed in Hindi is :

Definition of word ascribed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of ascribe. (verb)

Examples of word ascribed

  • All 25 of us were dropped into "the princess castle," a designation ascribed to Madingly Hall of Cambridge University by my 3-year-old daughter during one of our late night FaceTime chats.
  • Town Clerk the title ascribed in our version to the magistrate at Ephesus who appeased the mob in the theatre at the time of the tumult excited by Demetrius and his fellow craftsmen.
  • Protestants of the present day, perhaps the most surprising feature of all may appear to be the title ascribed to the Pope by the judges, whilst publicly and solemnly dispensing the laws of the country.
  • Shilonite, The that is, the native or resident of Shiloh; a title ascribed only to Ahijah.
  • A political hack is a negative term ascribed to a person who is part of the political party apparatus, but whose intentions are more aligned with victory than personal conviction.
  • We clearly need to replace the name ascribed to those whose ideology got us into this situation in the first place: the Neoconservatives.
  • A name ascribed in different senses by analogy signifies different relations to one and the same thing, as
  • "Stupidity is closer to deliverance than intellect which innovates," is a phrase ascribed to a Mohammedan saint, and do not modern theologians report with enthusiasm, the unlettered condition of Jesus?
  • In later inscriptions "king" is everywhere attached to the name of the God Hea, which fact shows that the titles ascribed to her were those particularly coveted by royalty.