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What is the meaning of ascribe in Hindi?

Meaning of ascribe in Hindi is : सम्बन्ध करना

Definition of word ascribe

  • To attribute a cause or characteristic to someone or something. (verb)
    किसी को या किसी चीज का कारण या विशेषता बताना।

Examples of word ascribe

  • Do you as a Born Again ascribe to the “scriptures” that the sons of Ham are cursed with black skin?
  • What he means by that is when some work or action is ascribed to someone the word ascribe is chosen because we are happy about whatever the story entails.
  • David asked about the word ascribe which literally means "to write."
  • Despite my increasingly regrettable jest, I'm actually aware that people are rarely hold the cartoonish views that single-word labels ascribe to them.
  • But both terms ascribe a kind of grandeur to the Bush proposal that it lacks.
  • And I'm just telling you, I did my duty, and it's politics, you know, to kind of ascribe all kinds of motives to me.
  • Give -- or, "ascribe" (De 32: 3). mighty -- or, "sons of the mighty" (Ps 89: 6).
  • Give -- or, "ascribe" (Ps 29: 1) due honor to Him, by acts of appointed and solemn worship in His house.