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What is the meaning of ascend in Hindi?

Meaning of ascend in Hindi is : बढ़ना

Definition of word ascend

  • To move upward, to fly, to soar. (verb)
    ऊपर की ओर बढ़ना, उड़ना, उड़ना।

Examples of word ascend

  • I have walked outside my hotel room every morning to watch as many as 78 (I lost count there) ascend from the field across the highway, and yesterday morning — the only morning I did not tote my camera — a balloon touched down in a small clearing behind the hotel, and they traded one passenger for another.
  • The whole point of ancient Greek philosophy was to ascend from the cave of ancient Greek nomos to physis, which is why Socrates ended up drinking the hemlock.
  • In April (2002) the trail was marked with white arrows painted on the rocks all the way to the top, it goes in a northwesterly direction around the mountain, the final ascend is from the west.
  • The Teat with the antennas is open field to the top if you ascend from the north, the Teat to the north is more of a challenge, circle it to the east and climb it where the slope appears less steep.
  • Because of this, the evolutionary process will continue; the human race will ascend from the pit of apathy and greed and overpopulation and disease, and become strong again.
  • In few places is it out of one's power to ascend from a hot, burning plain to a delightful yeilāk, where one is revived by comparatively cool breezes.
  • We went to Mexico yesterday to see a balloon ascend from the Plaza de Toros, with an aëronaut and his daughter; French people, I believe.