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What is the meaning of articulate in Hindi?

Meaning of articulate in Hindi is : स‌ंधियोजन करना

Definition of word articulate

  • To make clear or effective. (verb)
    स्पष्ट या प्रभावी बनाना।
  • clear, effective (adjective)
    स्पष्ट, प्रभावी

Examples of word articulate

    • What we have been talking about is how the use of the word articulate is code for a black person who enunciates his words when he speaks.
    • I think what the author was trying to articulate is that an encrypted file system would only prove effective if you were in an enterprise environment with mission critical data on the hook.
    • Let's face it; the man, while personable and articulate is laboring under the arrogant and false assumption that because so many people like him personally, his inexperience and general clueless won't matter.
    • What Epstein fails to articulate is that while Israeli troops have formally pulled out from the Gaza Strip, Israel still controls all supplies that enter and leave the territory.
    • I, for one, can never make any sense out of what she says, and if articulate is telling outright lies, saying "you betcha", and running sentences together, you need to bone up on the English language.
    • While there, I endeavored to engage in articulate speech.
    • For example, remember how much trouble Joe Biden got into for using the word articulate, clean and articulate, to describe Barack Obama?
    • It is racist, because no one uses the word articulate to describe white speakers with exceptional oratorical skills.
    • Best I can articulate is I think the issue has started and stalled and we need to check the spark plugs, because we * need* it on the road.