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What is the meaning of artery in Hindi?

Meaning of artery in Hindi is : रक्तवाहिनी

Definition of word artery

Examples of word artery

  • She turn invisible, make other things invisible, Create force fields anywhere and i mean anywhere, guess how it would feel to have a small bubble inside you main Artery or your Heart.
  • Also among other veins open and privy, there is a vein, and it is called Artery, which is needful in kind to bear and bring kindly heat from the heart to all the other members.
  • Its tobacco control program sponsored "Artery," which featured a surgeon squeezing fatty deposits from the arteries of a smoker.
  • 'Artery' Exhibit Prompts an Art Attack in Arkansas Town
  • Artery Explorer - November 3, 2009 added by token2k6 | Images mcs+ to rate
  • I realized that I would listen to these bands like Chelsea Grin and The Crimson Armada and go on their Myspace or whatever their website was and saw the management was the "The Artery Foundation."
  • Understanding the cause of ischemia in Anomalous Aortic Origin of a Coronary Artery (AAOCA)