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What is the meaning of arrogating in Hindi?

Meaning of arrogating in Hindi is :

Definition of word arrogating

  • Present participle of arrogate. (verb)

Examples of word arrogating

  • They will say that the Spanish court is interfering in the internal affairs of the new government in Iraq, arrogating to itself powers over an incident that does not directly concern Spain as no Spanish nationals were involved.
  • An inartful, vapid, sneering, arrogating and boorish show of facile contempt.
  • A few weeks ago there was a minor flap about the Governor-General: it appeared that she was arrogating to herself the office of Head of State.
  • The more Taggert and Rearden fight for their companies against the arrogating bureaucrats, the longer it will take for the inexorable demise of a system based on demanding something for nothing.
  • A primary cause of incivility in public discourse emanates from arrogating to ourselves the role of Judge.