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What is the meaning of arrogates in Hindi?

Meaning of arrogates in Hindi is :

Definition of word arrogates

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of arrogate. (verb)

Examples of word arrogates

  • “Scientism,” Dawkins tells me later, “is the pejorative word sometimes used for the view that science can explain everything and kind of arrogates to itself the privilege of explaining everything.
  • Oleg's hypocrisy is on abundant display at all times and we can all see it, especially as he arrogates to play thread cop or complain to moderators (here) about standards of decency.
  • The sum of the two bills arrogates that you can fully define an ethnicity, and just as ambiguously as Arizona claims to be able to identify what an illegal immigrant looks like, it also now claims have the ability to explain how an ethnicity produces resentment among others.
  • Let's leave aside the United States 'long history of supporting murderous dictators (including the one whose brutal rule paved the way for the Ayatollahs' take over of Iran), a fact that Friedman is required to implicitly ignore every time he arrogates to himself and to America the right to tell everyone else how to behave like real democrats and act on the "side of angels," as he clearly imagines himself to be.
  • If I choose to support Obama or any other candidate (s), it's because he meets my criteria, not because someone else arrogates to tell me what I ought to do.
  • There is no way of overestimating the challenge that the emergence of ALBA and the overall reawakening of Latin America pose to the role that the U.S. arrogates to itself as lord of the entire Western Hemisphere.
  • It's also that Mike arrogates the right to judge who is and who is not "pro-science" according to his own idiosyncratic standards.
  • Lose sight of that and you have a situation where the state, however you interpret that, ends up dangerously drifting towards a position where it arrogates the right to determine belief itself.
  • The state arrogates to itself the duty of punishing the criminal.