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What is the meaning of arrogate in Hindi?

Meaning of arrogate in Hindi is : स्वत्त्व जमाना

Definition of word arrogate

  • To appropriate or lay claim to something for oneself without right. (verb)
    बिना अधिकार के अपने लिए किसी चीज पर दावा करना या दावा करना।

Examples of word arrogate

  • I have to admit that I looked up the definition of "arrogate," which means "to claim or seize without right."
  • In creating the congressional intelligence committees and enacting FISA, Congress voted, with large bipartisan majorities, that the answer is no—the president cannot arrogate these powers to the executive branch or decide, in isolation, to reinterpret standing law.
  • They took a horrible set of events—the attacks of 9/11—and used them to create a climate of fear that would justify their drive to reinterpret the Constitution and arrogate unlimited power to themselves.
  • The larger tragedy is that none of them objected to government health care, which will always take choices away from individuals and arrogate them to an infallible higher power in Washington.
  • For the DOF to now argue otherwise would be to arrogate unto itself legislative powers which it does not have.
  • One can quickly arrogate to oneself the role of God.