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What is the meaning of arrive in Hindi?

Meaning of arrive in Hindi is : प्राप्त करना

Definition of word arrive

  • to reach (verb)

Examples of word arrive

  • The decade following saw the first railway train arrive from the East, the first C.P.R. steamship anchored in port, the Klondike "boom," and the great mining industries of British Columbia well under way.
  • The amount of packaging in which many toys arrive is aggravating and ridiculous.
  • Their alternative if they can't wait for the plumber to arrive, is riding the emergency escape docking ship back down to earth. * shudders*
  • We are reminded of Goethe's words, when he said: "Say yes ... (for) the moment you do, then mountains move, and helpmates arrive from the most unimaginable places."
  • Bond redemption pressures for Portugal and Spain arrive in March and April.
  • Soldiers said they expected more supplies to arrive from the U.S. later in the day.
  • Like me, one man who has been patiently waiting for the future to arrive is Ted Morgan, chief executive of Skyhook Wireless, a Boston-based company that provides location-based service as an infrastructure.