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What is the meaning of arrival in Hindi?

Meaning of arrival in Hindi is : पहुंच

Definition of word arrival

  • the act of arriving or something that has arrived (noun)

Examples of word arrival

  • Just at dusk on November 1 we reach Caquixtle de Arriba and our arrival is a great success.
  • Planning on spending that night at an airport hotel, just because your arrival is at 4: 30 p.m. and the dark of night loometh, is ridiculous.
  • coined the term "arrival city" in response to what he felt was a semantic lack.
  • I'd heard fieldfares in a tall hedge making that strange conspiratorial hissing call to each other and, as their arrival from the north is such a signature event for autumn proper, I thought I'd wander over and pay my respects.
  • But uncertain arrival time for rain makes planning difficult.
  • For successful web brands like TMZ and Funny or Die, the ultimate sign of arrival is running cable's rigorous selection process to gain a long-form slot on the dial - still the gold standard in the world of entertainment.
  • This new store´s arrival is liking having your old Aunt Maude come to town and sitting there on your sofa in your mom´s living room and smoking cagarettes and refusing to leave and you wonder why she just doesn´t go back to Atlanta but she never will now will she? tashby
  • The point of departure and arrival is the conciliar Constitution on the Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium.