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What is the meaning of arrant in Hindi?

Meaning of arrant in Hindi is : परले दर्जे का

Definition of word arrant

  • Utter; complete. (adjective)
    बोलना; पूर्ण।

Examples of word arrant

  • Event 2: We say homosexuality is a variant sexuality which does no intrinsic harm to the consenting adults that practice it or anyone else outwith their relationship, rejecting in no uncertain terms your arrant presumption that you have the privilege to impose your morés on us -- or anyone else, for that matter -- and criticising your judgementalism as ethically retarded.
  • For that matter, there were unmistakable signs in Sandy himself of what would have been called arrant terror in any other man.
  • But this latest attack is the kind of arrant nonsense up with which I will not put!
  • The notion that requiring students to know and master orthodoxy stifles their lovely creativity is the kind of arrant nonsense I hear from my teenagers all the time and really just because they want to avoid work.
  • Give another word in place of "arrant" that will mean the same thing.
  • "See here, Dan," the big man went on, leaning forward; "I knowed what your arrant was the fust minute I clapped eyes on you.
  • Of course, the idea that Data can think without feeling emotions is arrant nonsense - you can't have one without the other.
  • An arrant flirt the little hussy is; but very pretty.