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What is the meaning of arrangers in Hindi?

Meaning of arrangers in Hindi is :

Definition of word arrangers

  • Plural form of arranger. (noun)

Examples of word arrangers

  • Big name arrangers were brought in to take crunchy power chords and squealing guitar solos and turn them into jazzy riffs and big band horn blasts.
  • Mayfield's trusty studio talent (such as arrangers Tom Tom Washington and Rich Tufo) accented the group's seamless harmonies on "The Notations," released in 1973.
  • It is bewildering that Sardar calls the task assumed by these "arrangers", who are usually female, an "art" involving a "subtle reading of human character and insight into the needs of those involved".
  • Bravo to Terry Teachout's long-overdue appreciation of Broadway orchestrators, or "arrangers" as we say in the Big Band biz ( "
  • All the three lead arrangers are state owned, which could mean that the government still indirectly controls the majority of Garuda shares.
  • Bankers involved in the deal said then that the government had rejected the price range of 560 to 850 rupiah-a-share range suggested by the arrangers as some officials wanted to avoid a repeat of PT Krakatau Steel's IPO.
  • And in light of the fact that some session singers and musicians have successfully claimed a share of song-writing royalties for their contribution to the music, shouldn't arrangers also occasionally receive a royalty for their efforts?
  • Caterers, designers, arrangers, were parading in and out of the house weekly, making their presentations and answering questions.
  • One could only suppose that the arrangers of this exhibition, pandering to the gratification of a coarse conception of art, saw points of commonality in the supposed violence and homosexuality of the two artists.