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What is the meaning of arousal in Hindi?

Meaning of arousal in Hindi is : जागरण

Definition of word arousal

  • The act of arousing or the state of being aroused. (noun)

Examples of word arousal

  • When arousal is too low, we become bored, and seek out activities to stimulate our minds; when arousal is too high, we seek to reduce or find something that will calm us down in some way.
  • Sessions involve watching pornographic movies featuring a young boy masturbating while the offender's sexual arousal is measured and punishment administered.
  • Arguments against violent media imagery promoting violent behaviour often actually support the idea: James Paul Gee promotes video games as very effective teaching tools and arousal is at the heart of his argument.
  • I think that's the first time the phrase arousal of the amygdala has ever been in the cable news.
  • In Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping, Robert Sapolsky describes the way stress relates to memory: a little bit of arousal heightens learning, but long-term arousal eventually burns out memory.
  • Whereas difficulties of objectively evaluating psychoanalytic hypotheses are well-documented, these approaches would predict that sexual arousal is an intrinsic response to homosexual stimuli, whereas Barlow’s (1986) theory would predict that sexual arousal to homosexual stimuli by homophobic individuals is a function of anxiety.
  • Chilies also stimulate the nervous system, accentuating the effects of arousal, which is very, very, very good for very, very, very good sex.
  • Oh yes, I had attended some birthday parties where the game of Post Office was played and I recall the arousal that happened in my pants but for sure God was watching and I better not let on so when my turn came I picked the cutest girl and departed with her to the post office room to deliver the stamps.
  • His arousal was a potent force beneath the black silk barely sheathing its powerful rigidity, and she felt her insides clench in anticipation of his possession.