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What is the meaning of armistice in Hindi?

Meaning of armistice in Hindi is : संधि

Definition of word armistice

  • A formal agreement to end fighting. (noun)

Examples of word armistice

  • An armistice is a cessation; it leaves to a peace agreement the actual setting of borders and boundaries.
  • These efforts resulted in armistice agreements between the new state of Israel and four of its Arab neighbours:
  • The proposal was, as I have said, a daring one, for an armistice is more than a cease-fire; an armistice, in the accepted meaning of the word, is in effect a preliminary to peace.
  • If I may put my point of view-which may be altogether wrong-the chief cause which now, two years after the armistice, makes the condition of Europe worse in many phases than it was at the time of the armistice, is due to two or three causes.
  • The word armistice being beyond the range of their vocabulary, they call it "l'amnistie," and imagine that the question is whether or not King William is ready to grant Paris an amnesty.
  • Wikipedia even claims that North Korea actually withdrew from the Armistice agreement in 2009 [citation needed], but even if they didn’t, technically armistice is only a temporary cessation of fighting.
  • While Wilson was writing the polite first draft of his reply on October 7, for example, a Republican senator was declaring to his colleagues: The only condition of an armistice ought to be an allied victory; unconditional surrender of our enemies.
  • On November 10, House cabled Wilson, “You have a right to assume that the two great features of the armistice are the defeat of German military imperialism and the acceptance by the Allied Powers of the kind of peace the world has longed for.”
  • Looking for possible violations of the armistice is a favorite pastime of both sides here.