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What is the meaning of arise in Hindi?

Meaning of arise in Hindi is : सामने आना

Definition of word arise

  • To get up. (verb)

Examples of word arise

  • However, challenges arise from the incomplete understanding of the model-error.
  • Given the possibility of some topical variances here therefore, the question that might arise is whether this is, as is being reported in the aforementioned news sources, an intended denial of the contents of Tornielli's report, or whether it is not a denial, but rather a pre-emptive assurance, on the heels of Tornielli's story, that there are no formal changes to the liturgical books presently planned.
  • The other problems the Democrats 'congressional wing has created for the party arise from the work plan it has pursued over the last two years.
  • Such a situation could only arise from a limited number of circumstances; either Mr. KENT was discharged due to physical injuries which precluded any further military service (active duty or reserve duty), or he was discharged under conditions/circumstances which involved disciplinary action.
  • The problems arise from the court documents the banks and the mortgage servicers file when pursuing foreclosures.
  • In some of the gravest war-crime charges to arise from the Afghan conflict, five soldiers have been accused of killing unarmed Afghan men, apparently for sport, and desecrating their corpses.