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What is the meaning of aren't in Hindi?

Meaning of aren't in Hindi is :

Definition of word aren't

  • Are not. (phrase)
    नहीं हैं।

Examples of word aren't

  • These people he refers to aren't your typical market watchers.
  • Under this standard, consumer demand or underlying ethical or environmental justifications for labeling aren't good enough reasons for mandatory labeling without a physical "material difference."
  • MR: Yeah, and the labels aren't willing to wait four or five albums before you have a hit.
  • —A Food and Drug Administration panel in an 8-to-6 vote advised the FDA that warning labels aren't needed over a possible link between artificial food dye and hyperactivity, but said more studies need to be done.
  • And with the National Weather Service forecasting more severe weather from Texas to the Great Lakes through today, the calls aren't likely to abate.
  • For most entrepreneurs, sales calls aren't a laughing matter.
  • The labels aren't widely known outside fashion circles but they have been showered with awards by the cognoscenti: Juan Carlos Obando, Nomia, Bibhu Mohapatra, Michael Angel, Rochambeau and Electric Feathers.