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What is the meaning of are in Hindi?

Meaning of are in Hindi is : आर

Definition of word are

  • second-person singular simple present tense of be (verb)
  • An accepted (but deprecated and rarely used) SI unit of area equal to 100 square metres, or a former unit of approximately the same extent. Symbol: a (noun)

Examples of word are

    • He notes in Google's defence that Advertisers are generally making no claim that they *are* the trademark holder, they're just assuming that their message might be of interest to a user typing a query within a given universe of meaning.
    • These are the forces of Transnational Progressivism at work...and they in turn are the descendents of Communism who regrouped from that failure. and since the People rejected Communism..are trying to use mechanisms of Law and unaccountable NGOs staffed by Elites that bypass democratic institutions.
    • What are some more such myths assuming the aforesaid *are* myths, that is!
    • For me, this means that the happiness provided by the system through security Canadians generally don't lose sleep about being wiped out by medical costs or losing insurance, and the happiness provided by knowing your fellow Canadians are covered as well *are* important drivers for my support even at the real cost of those needing medical care in the system.
    • Of course I will have to read the book to see how Harris makes the claim the parents don't matter - from the simple perspective that parents *are* (well, some are) a "peer" (i.e. someone you interact with) you can see they will have some effect.
    • As a biologist, on the one hand I have no problem saying that there are real statistical differences between human males and human females in terms of anatomy/physiology/behavior (because there *are*) . . . but I also know how individual variation (on both sides of the gender line) is quite capable of completely trashing those averaged-out stats when one is dealing with *particular* men and women.
    • The people who are furious that their tax rate might go up so that the undeserving poor won't die of the flu - these are just ugly, ugly horrible mean people, who are more interested in what other people * aren't* doing with their lives than they are in what they * are* doing with theirs.
    • There _are_ situations in which religious organizations are better placed to serve a population than outside organizations.
    • They are not there for the money; they *are* there for the rep, the early connections.
    • Rigorous moral standards are hard to follow precisely because they *are* rigorous.