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What is the meaning of ardent in Hindi?

Meaning of ardent in Hindi is : प्रचण्ड

Definition of word ardent

  • Full of ardor; fervent, passionate. (adjective)

Examples of word ardent

  • Cheney, who is known as an ardent hunter and fisherman stated, I'm tired of every liberal, socialist, pantywaist Democrat questioning the size of the trout I landed.
  • After more than a decade of this flared-nostril life, taken up well past the point at which Victoria had abandoned herself to inconsolable widowhood, Jane wrote, "Sixty-two years of age, and an impetuous romantic girl of seventeen cannot exceed me in ardent passionate feelings."
  • Following this, the Shogun speaks to us of those whom he calls the ardent seekers after illusion.
  • The boy stood before him in ardent expectation, like a piece of red-hot iron awaiting the stroke of the hammer to mould it into shape, and every word had the power to either make or mar him.
  • The squaw was then ordered to fetch an earthen vessel of strong water; for so they called the ardent spirits which were given them by the Europeans, and which was even then
  • During the decade, ‘necking’ came to refer to ardent and prolonged kissing, while ‘petting’ described many kinds of erotic activity, but usually referred to caresses and fondling below the neck.