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What is the meaning of arctic in Hindi?

Meaning of arctic in Hindi is : उत्तरी ध्रुवी

Definition of word arctic

  • Being extremely cold, snowy, or having other properties of extreme winter associated with the Arctic. (adjective)
  • A warm waterproof overshoe. (noun)

Examples of word arctic

    • This attempted suicide scene at the arctic is at the beginning of the game, as well.
    • 'It's what they call the arctic regions,' said Celestina.
    • The average winter temperature in the arctic is something like - 40C.
    • Similar declines in arctic sea ice reportedly occurred at the turn of the 20th century, when the Northwest passage was also navigable, and during the 1940s.
    • (But then, for some reason I've always found spooky stories set in arctic climes to be particularly effective.) 2: 27 PM
    • Even as they killed them to extinction, the sea cows drifted and swam in arctic waters unafraid of the stranded men.
    • The term "indigenous" in this context excludes long-term arctic residents not of indigenous descent, implies that all indigenous persons hold this knowledge, and emphasizes ancestry over experience.
    • “Take the cold tolerance of bacteria that thrive in arctic ice, add the ultraviolet resistance of tomato plants growing high in the Andes mountains, and combine with an ordinary plant.”
    • In tropical countries, the buds unguarded by bracts like our own are said to be much darker; and in arctic regions, the young leaves are also said to be of a darker color.