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What is the meaning of archival in Hindi?

Meaning of archival in Hindi is : पुरालेखीय

Definition of word archival

  • Of or pertaining to an archive or archiving. (adjective)

Examples of word archival

  • Two weeks ago, I posted that IDW would be reprinting the Archie newspaper strip in archival hardcovers beginning in 2010.
  • Prints are offered as limited editions in archival-quality formats at affordable prices.
  • The neat trick is to connect the uneasy church-and-state issues that dog Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson (who all play themselves in archival footage, thank you) all the way back to the arrival of the first religion-obsessed New World settlers.
  • If you haven't carefully stored your Food sections in archival binders -- but really, who hasn't?
  • If only we could think of some change in archival and communication technology between 1974 and today …
  • The National Archives has information on proposed regulations regarding personal data contained in archival/historical purposes:
  • Rob Pegoraro: Last month, I had the chance to sit down with a guy keenly interested in long-term archival of data -- Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle.
  • Orthodoxy, symbolized by domestic markers of status and respectability derived from European customs, came a generation after initial colonial land claims. 73 Significantly, evidence of this cultural orthodoxy appears in archival sources after a period of contested frontier life.
  • The vision of Archivopedia is to offer users the ability to locate or view historical documents and images held in archival, museum, and library repositories around the world in a single search and to encourage professionals, teachers, and students at all levels to use archival documents