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What is the meaning of arching in Hindi?

Meaning of arching in Hindi is :

Definition of word arching

  • Present participle of arch. (verb)
  • The arched part of a structure. (noun)
  • hogging, opposed to sagging (noun)

Examples of word arching

  • Harder and faster, I rocked against his hand, breathing his name and arching my hips to create the friction that I needed so badly.
  • We don’t get harmony, but we do get a kind of arching forward — always reaching, pursuing, longing, opening, rethinking.
  • He has contributed the over-arching plot of "Totem" as a parable of Darwinian evolution, "inspired by the foundation narratives of the first peoples."
  • From inside the sphere, Leah screamed, her body arching over the child before falling limp.
  • She moaned, arching her back, as his fingers teased heat from her body.


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