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What is the meaning of archaeopteryx in Hindi?

Meaning of archaeopteryx in Hindi is :
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Definition of word archaeopteryx

  • An extinct primitive bird of the genus Archaeopteryx of the Jurassic Period, having lizardlike characteristics such as teeth and a long bony tail. It may represent a transitional form between dinosaurs and birds. (noun)

Examples of word archaeopteryx

  • So far, only eight specimens of the first creature classified as a bird, called archaeopteryx, have been found.
  • He too agrees that the archaeopteryx is a perching bird, not a dinosaur like many others claim.
  • Maybe the successor to MMOs should be called "archaeopteryx", or simply "ryx".
  • What does the archaeopteryx fossil have in common with a Vegas showgirl?.
  • You do not simply learn about archaeopteryx, the famous 150 million-year-old reptile-bird dug up in Germany in 1861, but also learn that the quarry worker who found the fossil had a bad cough and traded his find for medical treatment to a doctor and amateur paleontologist, who in turn sold it to the British Museum.

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