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What is the meaning of arboreal in Hindi?

Meaning of arboreal in Hindi is : वृक्षों से सम्बन्ध रखने वाला

Definition of word arboreal

  • Of, relating to, or resembling a tree; treely. (adjective)
  • Any tree-dwelling creature. (noun)

Examples of word arboreal

    • It's actually arboreal, which is quite extraordinary when you think about it.
    • Specialist organisms such as arboreal lichens, wood-rotting fungi, and mosses and invertebrates have declined with the decrease in large old trees, snags, and logs.
    • As opposed to, say, spiders or scorpions I guess you don't need binocular vision to pick those up... or some kind of arboreal predator like huge birds of prey or big cats.
    • The poem is part of a kind of arboreal sub-genre within Wordsworth's nature verse and continues the modification of the eighteenth-century Georgic he had previously made in "Yew-Trees" and The Excursion.
    • It's the next best thing to xkcd -- which is saying quite a bit -- and its combination of snark, social commentary, and skewering of pseudoscience is made all the more hilarious by the starring role of two sentient arboreal crustaceans.
    • Dr Mary Ann LundSchool of English, University of Leicester• Let's not have a spate of arboreal puns Letters, 22 February.
    • So I wonder if the reptilean ancestors of the birds had a cursorial or an arboreal approach to early flight ….
    • Holten is now an expert on the Concourse arboreal ecology: the tree museum includes a map of the locations and names of some 100 trees, which together cover some 60 species.
    • Large brains and other adaptations are later, but it would appear that it may have been the chimps and gorillas who developed adaptations for arboreal life, and in the process shifted to walking on all fours and putting weight on the knuckles of their hands -- rather than these being features that our ancestors shed.
    • There's lots to discover locally – the area is honeycombed with caverns – or for crazy arboreal activity, Go Ape, with its zip wires and tarzan swings is half an hour's drive north-west of the farm.