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What is the meaning of approach in Hindi?

Meaning of approach in Hindi is : सुलझाना

Definition of word approach

Examples of word approach

  • Puddicombe's book Get Some Headspace takes the reader through the three key elements to meditating: what he calls The Approach, The Practice and The Integration, using a combination of effective analogies and simple exercises.
  • Final Approach is the best for duck hunting supplies. this is just one of their makings.
  • I think I might have to express a bias here – I think the Lexical Approach is fantastic, not just the initial book but its two follow-ups as well and I really like The English Verb.
  • By the way, the Project Approach is really fun and it would do you good to learn about it more in depth.
  • Griffin's Gentle Approach is the next entry in this blog.
  • Approach from the bottom of the hill to avoid bumping deer in the cornfield.
  • Approach from the rooftop behind him, drop down, and then try to run away after the deed is done?
  • Approach is to a deep green, and players would be wise to avoid missing the green long or left.
  • Approach is a carry over Floyd's Fork to a green that has a collection area extending along the right side and behind the green.