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What is the meaning of applicable in Hindi?

Meaning of applicable in Hindi is : संगति

Definition of word applicable

  • Suitable for application; relevant. (adjective)
    आवेदन के लिए उपयुक्त; से मिलता जुलता।

Examples of word applicable

  • "Banal" was not a term applicable to someone unable to recognize his limitless moral depravity.
  • It is simply that the term applicable to a woman is not applicable to a man.
  • It is merely the term applicable where any series of phenomena is seen invariably to occur in certain given circumstances, or in certain given conditions.
  • I have no doubt that Cameron's shorthand is not an admission that he believes marriage is a term applicable to any relationship other than that between a man and a woman.
  • On the off-chance that they actually might find some medical basis for the term, it seems only fair that there be devised a term applicable to males exhibiting roughly-comparable symptoms, with the same suggestion of reproductive-system origin.
  • Maleh_, and _Seba Baharet_: the former does not apply particularly to the Mediterranean, but _is a term applicable to any sea or ocean that is salt_ (as all seas and oceans assuredly are); the latter term signifies literally, the Seven Seas or Waters: neither is this
  • _Studiren_ is a term applicable only to a more mature kind of mental work.
  • Switzerland, Holland, and the Rhenish Confederation, formed the foundation of the Continental System, a term applicable to the sum total of the measures that aimed at ruining England by excluding her goods from the Continent.
  • In this sense there may be such a thing as perfectibility in works of fiction, notwithstanding the concession often made by the advocates of human improvement, that perfectibility is a term applicable only to science.
  • Hailing the movement as fraught with important improvements, he produced his Panopticon, which he described as applicable to all houses of industry, and wherever inspection is constantly required.