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What is the meaning of appease in Hindi?

Meaning of appease in Hindi is : सन्तुष्ट करना

Definition of word appease

Examples of word appease

  • California Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Gay Marriage; President Bush Jabs Democrats: Says Opponents 'Appease' Terrorists; John McCain Lays out Ambitious Plans
  • Too many laugh out loud moments and brilliant turns of language to count, including the new catch phrase "Appease the Cheese."
  • And to the long list of classic Hitchhiker catch phrases like "Don't Panic!" and "Mostly Harmless," Colfer contributes one of his own: "Appease the Cheese!"
  • Appease: pacify, conciliate; especially: to buy off (an aggressor) by concessions usually at the sacrifice of principles
  • Appease everyone to get elected, is the Mcain motto.
  • Appease the Kitchen God, clean out all those dust bunnies, hang the red banners & light a few sparklers.
  • Appease yourself by taking a class or picking up a hobby that will make your résumé stand out, like learning a foreign language or starting a blog.
  • Appease these fashion-savvy infants by dressing them in the right seasonal clothes (i.e. light outfits for summer, heavy coats for winter) and creating designs to their liking.
  • Well I guess standing up to Hitler was a one off and the Government wants a do over and Appease the fascists this time.
  • Appease extremism and it is the Jews who are the canary.