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What is the meaning of apostleship in Hindi?

Meaning of apostleship in Hindi is :

Definition of word apostleship

  • The position, post, or duty of being an apostle (noun)
    प्रेरित होने की स्थिति, पद या कर्तव्य

Examples of word apostleship

  • His omission of mention of his apostleship is no proof that he was not an apostle; for so also James omits it in his heading; and Paul, in his Epistles to the
  • [Bengel]. according to the promise of life ... in Christ -- Paul's apostleship is in order to carry into effect this promise.
  • The way and manner in which he justifies himself and his apostleship from the opprobrious insinuations and accusations of false teachers, who endeavoured to ruin his reputation at Corinth, ch.x. -xii., and throughout the whole epistle.
  • The apostles, it is true, were elders virtually, that is, their apostleship contained all offices in it, but they were not elders formally.
  • The apostleship is the incarnation of the tradition.
  • "The gift of the grace of God," may mean the gracious gift, i.e. the gift due to the grace of God; or, the gift which is the grace of God; so that the charis, grace, as Paul often calls his apostleship, is the thing given.
  • That the apostleship was a gift, or grace from God,
  • We have received the favour of this apostleship, that is grace; and a fitness for it, that is truth.
  • It was in pursuance of his office: Because of the grace (that is, the apostleship, ch.i. 5) given to me of God, to be the minister of Jesus Christ to the Gentiles, v. 16.
  • Luke has recorded none, for he tells them (2 Cor.xii. 12) that the signs of his apostleship were among them, in wonders and mighty deeds.