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What is the meaning of apodictic in Hindi?

Meaning of apodictic in Hindi is : सुनिश्चित

Definition of word apodictic

  • Incontrovertible; demonstrably true or certain. (adjective)
    अकाट्य; प्रत्यक्ष रूप से सत्य या निश्चित।

Examples of word apodictic

  • As music, I have come to believe that it is the most perfect music that exists, so much so that I encounter every new chant with apodictic certainty of eventually discovering its profundity.
  • Suppose I could construct a flawless proof, based entirely on the apodictic truths of logic, that one may torture innocent people only on pain of contradiction.
  • If AE is about apodictic certainty, then it is not a science, but a pastime.
  • But this much we do know with apodictic certainty: virtually nothing in Iraq has gone as the US envisioned it.
  • To me that is apodictic—it proves it is morally wrong.
  • Moreover, there are certain aspects of the judgment which cannot be communicated in a statement, namely whether the judgment is evident or blind and whether it is apodictic or assertoric (Marty 1908a 289 ff.).
  • ˜Although, apart from divine revelation, there is no apodictic certainty about things that exist outside our mind, but only moral or probable and likely certainty, that is still sufficient to perform adequately and to control all the activities of human life, since nothing more is required for them apart from moral or probable truth or the certainty and likelihood of knowledge™
  • But unique of all other religous truth claims in history, this teaching offers the first apodictic certainty.
  • I can think of no reason for a physician to add Avandia to a diabetic patient's treatment program in light of recent events even though we may never know with apodictic certainty if there is an increased risk of heart attack or not.
  • Sometimes controversies just die out without really being settled with apodictic medical certainty.