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What is the meaning of apocalyptic in Hindi?

Meaning of apocalyptic in Hindi is : सर्वनाश से संबंधित

Definition of word apocalyptic

  • Of or relating to an apocalypse: (adjective)
    या सर्वनाश से संबंधित:
  • One who predicts apocalypse. (noun)
    जो सर्वनाश की भविष्यवाणी करता है।

Examples of word apocalyptic

    • The term apocalyptic does come to mind, and that really isn't an overstatement.
    • People have used the word 'apocalyptic' and this is in no way a throwaway comment.
    • O'Shea: As you point out at your blog, post-apocalyptic is a popular genre.
    • The father of two, whose parish has the wide brew of amicable conditions, said his recommendation to people in apocalyptic circumstances is that 'they should not hurt anybody as well as cope as most appropriate they can'.
    • Those early teens were formative years, because reading A.S. Neill's "The last Man alive", a hilarious book about a teacher and some of his students being the last people on earth, at the age of thirteen woke my interest in apocalyptic SF stuff.
    • Post-apocalyptic is good (especially if they can make it as memorable as Fallout 3), writer for Heroes is sending up a red flag.
    • When the architects of wars definite their goals in apocalyptic terms, "fighting spirit" cannot possibly win them.
    • A Christmas story with a difference: Santa Claus at the end of the Universe, in apocalyptic conflict with entropy.