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What is the meaning of antonymous in Hindi?

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Meaning of antonymous in Hindi is : विपरीतार्थक

Definition of word antonymous

  • having an opposite or diametrically opposed meaning (adjective)

Examples of word antonymous

  • In terms of R&D or innovation, I think the Kyocera technology was good, in terms of features such as antonymous GPS and cost-optimization for CDMA (which is a major issue for CDMA modules competitively against GSM / GPRS), but I don't think that Kyocera shutting down shuts off a major avenue of innovation in the M2M market. "
  • The JJ crew are reassuringly ambivalent to Britney Spears e.g. “fabulously chic” and Britney Spears are antonymous … ouch.
  • They live all across China, including in five separate antonymous regions.
  • As Japanese car makers continue to prosper, TBS has just announced a new series featuring an antonymous Toyota Camry Hybrid, Knight Lider.
  • COPELAND: Well, the photographic challenge is that you are constantly on a moving vessel and that in itself can be antonymous to landscape photography, which is typically very studied and, you know, you stand there with a tripod, waiting for the perfect light.
  • The U.S. branches of Hezbollah are more antonymous, and they ` ve been more directed for the second tier of fundraising, procurement of weapons, training, recruitment.
  • And do we have an ambivalent fascination with them--awe at their accomplishments and disgust at their misdeeds, an antonymous schadenfreude, as it were--that somehow enables us to justify our failure to achieve in the way they have?
  • Although, according to the latter reading, formal predication is not a kind of predication by essence, this reading nevertheless implies an interpretation of the ˜is™ of predication in terms of identity and, therefore, a new definition of the pair of antonymous notions of identity and difference (or distinction).
  • I thought Sheriff Joe and the Teabaggers were basically antonymous a man of wealth and taste

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