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What is the meaning of antisocial in Hindi?

Meaning of antisocial in Hindi is : समाजविरोधी

Definition of word antisocial

  • Unwilling or unable to associate normally with other people (adjective)
  • antagonistic, hostile, or unfriendly toward others; menacing (adjective)
  • Opposed to social order or the principles of society; hostile toward society (adjective)

Examples of word antisocial

  • The term antisocial forces is considered code in Japanese for organized crime.
  • They use the term antisocial personality disorder.
  • The Socialists are firmly against the idea of a 'social-VAT,' which they describe as antisocial, saying it helps business owners while hurting consumers.
  • Tokyo Metro's monthly Manner Manner Poster campaign utilizes bold, cartoon-like depictions of a certain antisocial behavior subway riders should avoid doing ... on the subway, at least.
  • Most behaviors that we call antisocial deliver an immediate benefit to the antisocial individual.