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What is the meaning of antique in Hindi?

Meaning of antique in Hindi is : रोम या ग्रीक का

Definition of word antique

  • Old, used especially of furniture and household items; out of date. (adjective)
    पुराना, विशेष रूप से फर्नीचर और घरेलू सामानों का उपयोग किया जाता है; तारीख से बहार।
  • An old piece of furniture, household item, or other similar item. (noun)
    फर्नीचर का एक पुराना टुकड़ा, घरेलू सामान, या अन्य समान वस्तु।
  • To shop for antiques; to search for antiques. (verb)
    प्राचीन वस्तुओं की खरीदारी के लिए; प्राचीन वस्तुओं की खोज के लिए।

Examples of word antique

  • When people hear the term antique art, people usually think of paintings.
  • Horchow is a design company specialized in antique decorating ideas.
  • From that point forward I made an effort to look inside old cameras whenever we would stop in antique stores and Sunday flea markets.
  • Quite a few of these old booklets can still be found in antique stores, or online bookstores.
  • My first and second job was working in antique malls.
  • I was wondering where you get teacups like this, as I don't usually see them in antique stores.
  • When you say you want to "trace", are you trying to ID the locations in antique photos you have?
  • (I still need to get the stickers off the front; way to ruin antique furniture, five-year-old me.)
  • I don't collect it any more as I have a large number of pieces and it's rarely encountered any more in American antique shops, having become, as they say, "very collectible" with prices soaring to match.