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What is the meaning of anterior in Hindi?

Meaning of anterior in Hindi is : शरीर का अग्र भाग

Definition of word anterior

  • Before in place. (adjective)
  • Before or earlier in time; prior to; preceding. (adjective)
  • Nearer the forward end; nearer the head of an animal or the front of a human. (adjective)

Examples of word anterior

  • The term anterior pole is applied to the central point of the anterior curvature of the bulb, and that of posterior pole to the central point of its posterior curvature; a line joining the two poles forms the optic axis.
  • Surgeons perform neck surgery from the front or back, which they refer to as anterior and posterior approaches.
  • You have the knee and you have these ligaments around it called the anterior cruciate ligament and the posterior cruciate ligament.
  • The terms anterior or ventral, and posterior or dorsal, are employed to indicate the relation of parts to the front or back of the body or limbs, and the terms superior or cephalic, and inferior or caudal, to indicate the relative levels of different structures; structures nearer to or farther from the median plane are referred to as medial or lateral respectively.
  • Of the two crura the anterior is shorter and less curved than the posterior.


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