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What is the meaning of ante in Hindi?

Meaning of ante in Hindi is : मूल्य

Definition of word ante

  • A price or cost, as in up the ante. (noun)
  • To pay the ante in poker. Often used ante up. (verb)

Examples of word ante

    • Definitely the easy way to up the ante is to add a new trick.
    • A better quantification of these effects ex ante is critical.
    • To say that soldiers have "nothing to complain about ex ante" is to assert that they have already been paid everything they are owed, as though the military service can be reduced to a purely economic transaction.
    • The ante is raised to $10,000 and Winn is about to pay it when his son Peter, Jr., 26, comes to the rescue.
    • Also, in a purely defensive war against an aggressive enemy (like the Falklands) achieving status quo ante is “winning”. blah Says:
    • The prohibitionist dreams of some anti-gun types only up the absolutist ante from the NRA wackos.
    • My conclusions, therefore, unsatisfactory as I recognize them to be, are that the statu quo ante is still the best solution for the present.
    • Cambridge, what is usually called the ante-chapel is really only the space outside the entrance to the choir, occupied nowadays at service time by those who are not members of the college.
    • I placed a space before the word ante inside the subpattern because the space is optional just like the rest of the subpattern.