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What is the meaning of announcer in Hindi?

Meaning of announcer in Hindi is : वाचक

Definition of word announcer

  • One who makes announcements. (noun)

Examples of word announcer

  • "Arlen Specter switched parties to save one job: his, not yours," an announcer is heard saying at the close of the ad.
  • Toby: At leasty one NPR announcer is bound to say it whenever a tenth .. of something is harmed.
  • At leasty one NPR announcer is bound to say it whenever a tenth of one percent of something is harmed.
  • The video is narrated by a well-known announcer from the local classical music station:
  • Even the Wizards 'starting lineup announcer is in a slump.
  • The NFL Network on Friday announced the two-year experiment to find out whether Bryant Gumbel could become an NFL play-by-play announcer is over.
  • The first semi-final round will have the debonair Tony O'Neill, representing 3: AM Magazine, facing off against the fetching Maureen Tkacik (pronounced "Tay-sick," the announcer is told), representing The Crier or something.
  • The throng behind the radio announcer is worth studying for the variety of action portrayed, and for its pattern of beautiful linework.
  • Right now, the announcer is giving names and descriptions (supplied by relatives) of APPO supporters who have not arrived at home for some time, asking anyone who has seen them to please report their condition.