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What is the meaning of animation in Hindi?

Meaning of animation in Hindi is : साहस

Definition of word animation

  • The act of animating, or giving life or spirit. (noun)

Examples of word animation

  • It's the same old slick Fox producer, just outsourcing to Gobelins students this time. aziz the talent pool in animation is thin in los angeles?!?
  • They want to prove that they are just like any filmmaker and that animation is just a different way to tell a story, and if you can tell a great story in animation you can tell a great story in live-action.
  • After that, I went to the “Get a Job” panel, where I discovered that finding work in animation is a lot like finding work in any other interesting field.
  • Click on Change the title animation and choose Subtitle that appears under the first Titles, One Line section at the top of the selection box.
  • For joining the title animation with the talk, I originally went with
  • Blender for the title animation, but I knew it is quite a complicated bit of software.
  • You also have better control over the audio track, the title animation and the sound effects.
  • [This] means that the term animation was related not to Disney type of animation but to experimental film and personal film ...
  • Ultimately, though, the animation is the star of the show; it is truly phenomenal.
  • Obviously, this animation is at the core of our relationship.