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What is the meaning of angels in Hindi?

Meaning of angels in Hindi is : स्वर्गदूतों

Definition of word angels

  • Plural form of angel. (noun)

Examples of word angels

  • Angels might be met by the way, under English elm or beech-tree; mere messengers seemed like angels, bound on celestial errands; a deep mysticity brooded over real meetings and partings; marriages were made in heaven; and deaths also, with hands of angels thereupon, to bear soul and body quietly asunder, each to its [195] appointed rest.
  • It is there holy angels, instead of being executioners of vengeance, become "ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation;" while every Lazarus begins to anticipate the period of "absence from the body," when "he shall be carried by _angels_ to Abraham's bosom," and be "ever present with the Lord."
  • 3 The term angels can also refer to messengers who are serving Jesus as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.
  • And it was a time when the Source even separated us out of itself, first as androgynous cocreators—or what you call angels—then we became both female and male, first the female and then the male . . . hence why all old cultures revered the goddess . . .
  • These spirits, he [1123] saith, which we call angels and devils, are nought but souls of men departed, which either through love and pity of their friends yet living, help and assist them, or else persecute their enemies, whom they hated, as Dido threatened to persecute Aeneas:
  • On Sunday, amid masterpieces of early Romanticism, the songs' retro quirks were emphasized: a tremolo accompaniment to the word "angels" in "The Poet Declares His Renown" that was right out of "Aida"; the brassy Hollywood-style fantasy-Middle-East music that accompanies - with a wink, I think - the mysterious imagery of "The Birth of Light."
  • If the ministry of the angels is as a consuming fire to God's enemies, it is as a rejoicing light to his own children.
  • The Hebrews made this monism permanent, although they left the spirit realm populated by the disenfranchised minor gods, which they called angels, etc.