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What is the meaning of ancestry in Hindi?

Meaning of ancestry in Hindi is : श्रेणी

Definition of word ancestry

  • Condition as to ancestors; ancestral lineage; hence, birth or honorable descent. (noun)
    पूर्वजों के रूप में स्थिति; पैतृक वंश; इसलिए, जन्म या सम्मानजनक वंश।

Examples of word ancestry

  • With clades the ancestry is assumed depending on shared characteristic traits.
  • Their common ancestry is both the materials used and the creative impetus that caused them to come into being.
  • That everybody (that looks like of Latin ancestry most likely) is presumed GUILTY, not INNOCENT.
  • You've argued above, following Woese's theory, that at the "Darwinian threshold" molecular homology becomes a reliable indicator of vertical descent (i.e., common ancestry from a discrete cell).
  • Like so many contemporary people Alice's ancestry is mixed: African, Native American, European, and yet it is Africa that seems to have a permanent call to her heart.
  • Your ancestry is from Africa and now you live in America.
  • To apologize or compensate people because of their ancestry is ridiculous.
  • It refutes your position that ancestry is not a characteristic.
  • Obviously African-American ancestry is different from Irish-American ancestry and we would expect some statistical differences.