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What is the meaning of anatomization in Hindi?

Meaning of anatomization in Hindi is :

Definition of word anatomization

  • A process or act of anatomizing. (noun)
    शरीर रचना की एक प्रक्रिया या कार्य।

Examples of word anatomization

  • But this neat anatomization of the subject, and the subordination of style to content that flows from Aristotle's moral view of the function of rhetoric, seem to me to miss an essential reality about argument.
  • '_The Corinthian_,' another snarling watch-dog in the courts of the temple of Fame, followed instinctively the same injurious wake: it was a leisurely sarcastic anatomization, quite enough to blight any young candidate's prospects, supposing that mankind respected such a verdict; if not to make him cut his throat, granting that the victim should be sensitive as Keats.
  • His anatomization of a profoundly-and yet not all that exceptionally-dysfunctional Oklahoma family is almost as compelling on the page as it is onstage.
  • Analyze and decompose US marketing research company comScore and lead project team to develop a web analytics product based on the anatomization of comScore.
  • Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Marina Zenovich's startling and grippingly told anatomization of the case, will make you realize that you barely know the half of it.
  • "At that period, the difficulty of getting a subject for anatomization was very great, and all sorts of schemes had to be put into requistion to accomplish so desirable, and, indeed, absolutely necessary a purpose.