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What is the meaning of anaemia in Hindi?

Meaning of anaemia in Hindi is : रक्ताल्पता

Definition of word anaemia

  • Alternative spelling of anemia. (noun)

Examples of word anaemia

  • In collaboration with C.W. Hooper and Mrs. Robscheit-Robbins, he did experiments on short-term anaemia in dogs due to loss of blood, and further work was done on this subject and on diets consisting of liver in relation to the regeneration of blood.
  • Low RBC counts is call anaemia (or anemia if ur american), and it generally not a problem unless it gets very very low.
  • A large number of patients with heart failure also have anaemia, which is most likely a complication from poor heart function.
  • Previous published work from a number of chorts in resource-limited settings has suggested that anaemia, which is not responsive to antibiotics, is a major risk factor for death in people with advanced HIV disease.
  • Low levels of iron lead to anaemia which is a major health problem in many parts of eastern Africa, particularly for women.
  • An early visit can detect complications such as anaemia or a sexually transmitted disease.
  • As the name suggests, this kind of anaemia is due to lack of Folic Acid in the blood.
  • There are various symptoms of celiac disease and they range from diarrhoea, through deficiencies such as anaemia to psychological changes.
  • It found that "competition concerns would arise for a number of finished pharmaceuticals, although not on the Dutch generics market overall", adding that the products concerned are used to treat conditions such as anaemia, hypertension, asthma and gout as well as inflammation and pain.
  • This explains some of the common symptoms of malaria, such as anaemia and joint pain.