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What is the meaning of amuse in Hindi?

Meaning of amuse in Hindi is : शान्ति देना

Definition of word amuse

  • To entertain or occupy in a pleasant manner; to stir with pleasing emotions. (verb)
    सुखद तरीके से मनोरंजन या कब्जा करना; सुखद भावनाओं के साथ हलचल करने के लिए।

Examples of word amuse

  • I'd like a little sorbetto made of brain amuse-bouche, amuse-bouche, he will peel you like a mango
  • "I suppose you will want to, what you call amuse yourself, to see the beasts at Exeter Change, and the playhouses.
  • Carla Hall Lyons who "amuse" - bouched us with her lovingly prepared culinary creations and hilarious quips.
  • The amuse was a goat cheese ball, rolled in parsley and resting on a spoon with tart preserves.
  • I love the idea of amuse bouche through out the meal...
  • The amuse was a cucumber with an amazing swirl of what I think was minted cream on top.
  • I am not objecting to the amusement; only to cease to educate in order to amuse is to degenerate.