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What is the meaning of amplify in Hindi?

Meaning of amplify in Hindi is : विस्तृत करना

Definition of word amplify

  • To render larger, more extended, or more intense, and the like;—used especially of loudspeakers, telescopes, microscopes, etc. (verb)

Examples of word amplify

  • It's also a great example of what we call amplify sport.
  • The psychological effects of pain amplify the trauma, contributing to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and suicide.
  • Their calls amplify what had been voices on the fringes calling for a fundamental redesign of the nation's financial system.
  • ZAHN: Jack, I think you raise an interesting point that Bob could probably amplify, which is all the speculation about how long this commitment will be.
  • But Rauf also said that the media attention the project has attracted was necessary to "amplify" the voice of moderate Muslims.
  • Candidates routinely tap famous surrogates -- including generals, celebrities, experts and kamikaze politicians -- to attack their opponents, defend their honor and "amplify" their messages to the media.
  • He also said that the fact that GE feels the need to join the program could "amplify" that the credit market remains under stress.
  • But some of this tropical moisture is going to get wrapped up here and kind of amplify the situation.
  • Let me just say, to kind of amplify this, there are some specific things that I hope we will do to show that we're acting in good faith.