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What is the meaning of amplifier in Hindi?

Meaning of amplifier in Hindi is : विपुलक

Definition of word amplifier

  • Anything that amplifies, or makes something larger or more intense. (noun)
    कुछ भी जो बढ़ाता है, या कुछ बड़ा या अधिक तीव्र बनाता है।

Examples of word amplifier

  • The nice thing about a vinyl record played through a radiogram with a tube (valve) amplifier is that it sounded warm as opposed to bright.
  • As I tweated, amplifier is an awesome name for an award to win!
  • There was a sudden scratching sound and the hum of an amplifier from the speakers in the ceiling.
  • The amplifier is plugged into a USB port of the notebook for signal acquisition.
  • An oscillator circuit is basically a unity gain amplifier with the output feeding the input (phased shifted by 180 degrees).
  • Because the sensitivity of the crystal detectors and amplifier is more than
  • The principle of construction of an amplifier is very simple.
  • wrote favorably about the A-50T integrated amplifier from the Chinese company Cayin Audio.